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Crimson (Pennant) Rosella: Bird Species Profile

Understood for its own striking elegance, the crimson (Pennant’s) rosella is actually a well-liked medium-sized pet dog parrot. Its own distinctive shades create this types appealing to bird enthusiasts of all types, yet it might certainly not be the most effective option for inexperienced bird owners. This bird is not easy to manage or even teach.

Species Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Crimson rosella, Pennant’s rosella

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Platycercus elegans with 7 subspecies: P.e. elegans, P.e. nigrescens, P.e. melanopterus, P.e. fleurieuensis, P.e. subadelaidae, P.e. flaveolus; as well as P.e. fleurieuensis x P.e. subadelaidae x P.e. flaveolus

GROWNUP SIZE: Crimson rosellas are medium-sized birds, determining about 10 to 14 ins

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: On average, twenty to 30 years

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Origin and also History

The crimson rosella is actually a medium-sized parrot that is native to eastern and also southeastern Australia. The varieties was actually technically called Psitticus pennanti through John Latham in 1781 after British naturalist Thomas Pennant.

In 1825, the bird was actually reclassified to the Platycercus category. Platycerus suggests “broad-tailed” or “flat-tailed,” reflecting an attribute popular to rosellas and also other broad-tailed parrots. Very early European inhabitants initially experienced the far eastern rosella at Rose Hill, New South Wales, so it was first contacted the Rosehill parakeet, which came to be “Rosehiller,” as well as ultimately “rosella.”.


Managers of crimson rosellas have actually taken note that these birds need to have socializing and also dealing with daily to remain pleasant as well as tame with their human family members.

Some crimson rosellas might experience a sharp bluffing period throughout adolescence, which owners need to locate a means to work through.

In general, nonetheless, these are sweet, albeit insidious little bit of birds. Because of their higher cleverness as well as curious attributes, they should be actually under constant supervision when out of their crates to stop them coming from entering difficulty.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

While these birds may learn to speak a few terms, crimson rosellas are actually certainly not specifically great talkers. These parrots are actually not the appropriate choice for those who have their hearts set on having a talking bird. They can, however, know to imitate whistled songs somewhat effortlessly.

Much less voice than numerous other hookbill types, crimson rosellas still possess noisy rowdy telephone calls that they will certainly present from time to time. Their usual articulation is actually a piercing sound that can receive very screeching when the bird is actually distressed.

Crimson Rosella Colors as well as Markings.

Crimson rosellas possess a slimmer body system like Asiatic parakeets. They are actually a dimorphic varieties, indicating you may inform the sexes apart through taking a look at them. Male birds are actually typically a vibrant reddish with mends of sky-blue on their faces and also airfoils along with black plumes highlighting the plumes on their spines. They have long blue rear feathers. Women of the varieties appear usually the exact same, however they sport a dark greenish patch over the center of their rear feathers.

The a variety of relevant subspecies reveal different patterns of colour and also, in some occasions, entirely different shades. Platycercus elegans flaveolus, for instance, is a yellowish bird. Other subspecies, though, can appropriately be referred to as crimson, however with variations in shielding and design.

Caring for a Crimson Rosella.

Crimson rosellas are actually certainly not cuddly, human-friendly birds like additional parrots. This bird may willingly post on a shoulder, however it is actually not most likely to put up with petting. If extremely tame, a rosella can be around a cautious, more mature child, however this is actually not typically highly recommended considering that even trained birds usually tend to be nippy.

Rosellas are actually terrific aviary birds; they can readily exercise in exterior bird sanctuaries. At the very minimal, this bird may reside in a medium-sized crate that is at minimum 30 inches square.

If they are actually certainly not effectively mingled, Rosellas can become sharp with their owners. If you desire a tame, helpful rosella, you need to make the effort to participate in as well as manage along with the bird daily. Otherwise, you may end up with a bad-tempered bird susceptible to nipping or even biting. Strategy bonding techniques, so your rosella becomes comfy with being part of an individual household.

Common Health Problems.

Crimson rosellas may be susceptible to digestive tract worms and also fungus contaminations, mostly when housed in outside aviaries where they might forage at ground degree. Rosellas are additionally prone to psittacosis, which is actually a microbial chlamydia disease likewise referred to as parrot high temperature.

Diet plan as well as Nutrition.

In the wild, crimson rosellas eat usually native grass seeds, berries, fruit products as well as cannabis, nuts, insect larvae, and also flower buddies. In captivity, it is actually essential to give this bird a nutritious and varied diet regimen similar to what they would certainly consume in bush.

Many rosella managers deliver their birds with a good quality seed or pellet mix produced for canaries and cockatiels. They supplement that along with plenty of fresh, bird-safe fruit products and veggies. Feed approximately 1/4 to 1/3 cup of seed or pelleted food items and also 1/4 to 1/3 cup of fresh fruits and veggies daily. A raw and differed diet regimen will certainly help ensure that your bird maintains top nourishment.

Lots of rosellas also enjoy bits of a steamed egg along with their foods, which aids change the healthy protein dropped by not looking pests in bush.


This species is actually relatively stationary. Nevertheless, youthful, untamed birds may benefit from a much larger cage that enables all of them area to soar. Free trip is necessary for this bird, it needs to have at least 2 hrs of physical exercise daily.

Bring in sure the bird is given a safe space to fly that is actually secure if caged all time. Close all doors, smokeshafts as well as windows ought to be actually enclosed, heating systems and also enthusiasts shut off, and also possibly dangerous residence plants require to become cleared away or dealt with. If taught coming from a young age, these birds may know to branch on an upper arm as well as return to their crate.

Rosellas are actually well-known chewers that quickly increase tired with their toys, so it is actually vital to keep your bird amused along with loads of bird-safe and also interesting playthings. If you don’t provide toys, after that your belongings may appear skipping. Rosellas are actually considerably interested little bit of birds that might steal jewelry, keys, buttons, and other items from their proprietors.

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Where to Adopt or Buy a Crimson Rosella.

Contact a local area crimson rosella breeder and also see if you can easily get to know along with them and also their animals to find original how these birds interact in a house setting. Indications you must stay clear of the breeder include cramped living ailments, inactive birds, and also dog breeders that avoid your questions or even carry out certainly not appear to possess a lot details on their birds.

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Its appealing colors create this varieties appealing to bird lovers of all styles, however it may certainly not be the best choice for unskilled bird managers. While these birds may learn to talk a couple of phrases, crimson rosellas are certainly not specifically good talkers.

Crimson rosellas are not cute, human-friendly birds like different parrots. Get in touch with a nearby crimson rosella dog breeder and also view if you can encounter along with them and also their household pets to find original how these birds interact in a residence atmosphere. Signs you must stay away from the breeder feature confined lifestyle health conditions, non-active birds, and also breeders who prevent your questions or do not seem to be to have a lot relevant information on their birds.