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Alexandrine Parakeet: Bird Species Profile

Understood for their appeal, cleverness, as well as exceptional talking capacities, Alexandrine parakeets have actually been actually well-liked as pets for centuries. Called for Alexander the Great, who is actually stated to have actually possessed much of these birds, it was actually an exotic pet dog had by the aristocracy and also the elite. This medium-sized parrot is actually the largest of the Asiatic parakeets. It is actually a loving bird that usually tends to become a one-person bird, forming deeper connections with its human keeper.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Alexandrine parakeet, Alexandrine parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Psittacula eupatria; Five subspecies feature P. e. eupatria, P. e. nipalensis, P. e. avensis, P. e. magnirostris, P. e. siamensis

ADULT SIZE: Up to 25 ins


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Beginning and History

This species came from India and also Sri Lanka. The Alexandrine parakeet resides in forests, woodlands, agricultural lands, as well as mangrove woods of up to 3,000 feet in elevation.

The parrot is actually called after Alexander the Great, that transported numerous birds coming from Punjab to Mediterranean as well as international locations. These birds were appreciated through nobility as well as nobles. Raging populations currently live in Spain, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, the Arabian cape, Iran, and Hong Kong.


Tame, handfed Alexandrine parakeets can easily help make caring as well as affectionate household pets, although they often tend to become “one-person” birds. They highly bond to a favored family member while avoiding others within the house.

Like other Asiatic parakeets, many Alexandrine parakeets look at a hormonal, aggressive bluffing phase during the course of teenage years (grow older 4 months to 1 year), which may be hard for less seasoned bird managers to deal with. This time frame may last from pair of full weeks to 2 years, relying on the bird.

Along with proper socialization as well as using bonding methods, Alexandrine parakeets typically settle well right into their brand-new residence setting and completely enjoy interacting along with their owners. These birds are actually strongly smart as well as are known to be excellent talkers, producing all of them preferred pet dogs.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Alexandrine parakeets can be loud as well as pretty noisy, so they are probably not the correct choice for those who live near next-door neighbors. Their highly effective vocalizations rollover a long distance in the wild, so it can be challenging to keep one in a home or condominium environment.

This bird possesses a great capacity for copying human pep talk plainly. The Alexandrine parakeet possesses a wide array of phone calls, featuring ringing audios, deeper and also loud “klak” sounds, and a booming “gr-aak” telephone call. Its own calls are actually deeper than the Indian ringneck parakeets, and it is actually alarm phone calls are actually louder, as well.

Alexandrine Parakeet Colors as well as Markings

Slimmer Alexandrines can get to a duration of 25 inches, and the majority of this length is because of its lengthy, classy rear feathers. They are a little a lot more chunky than Indian Ringneck parakeets.

Coloring is actually mostly environment-friendly along with blue-grey on the cheeks and also back of the neck, yellow-green abdomen, red mend on the shoulders, a large red beak along with yellow ideas. The undersurface of the rear is actually yellow; the top of the tail is eco-friendly as well as blue along with yellow at the tip.

Alexandrine parakeets are actually a dimorphic bird types, implying you may tell males aside from women. Adult males have a rose-colored and dark band around their backs. Ladies are the same different colors without the neck bands.

Taking care of an Alexandrine Parakeet

Understood for their appeal, cleverness, and also outstanding speaking potentials, Alexandrine parakeets need a bunch of room, hrs of communication, and also managed out-of-cage opportunity daily. Maintain this bird may be a decades-long devotion.

This bird may be actually a medium-sized parrot, but it still needs a sizable crate to accommodate its own lengthy rear plumes. At the minimum, supply a cage that goes to the very least 3 feets tall as well as 2 feets long as well as wide.

These birds enjoy to shower frequently and play in the water. Deliver a huge water bath a minimum of the moment a full week. Your bird might additionally such as a periodic misting.


Alexandrine parakeets are actually extremely active birds. A sizable flight crate is actually more suitable for these birds.

These birds require a minimum of 3 to 4 hrs a day to stretch, participate in, as well as physical exercise outside of its cage. These smart birds receive burnt out promptly, thus deliver plenty of chewable, bird-safe toys.

Where to Adopt or even Buy an Alexandrine Parakeet

Get in touch with neighborhood fostering and saving associations to view if there is one that might be for you and also invest time along with them as well as their birds. Monitor exactly how the birds communicate along with their caretakers and various other loved one.

Alexandrine parakeets may cost from $500 to $1,500. Rescues, fostering associations, and also dog breeders where you may discover Alexandrine parakeets include:

  • Northeast Avian Rescue
  • Bird Breeders
  • Partner Parrots Re-homed

Make certain that the dog breeder is actually respectable by inquiring all of them exactly how long they’ve been actually breeding as well as operating along with Alexandrine parakeets if you’re going the breeder course. Additionally, are sure that the bird you would like to take away is alert, energetic, and also displays all the indicators of a healthy and balanced bird, like vivid eyes, clean feathers, as well as complete plants.

Named for Alexander the Great, that is actually said to have had several of these birds, it was actually an amazing household pet possessed by high society and also the elite. It is actually a loving bird that tends to be actually a one-person bird, creating deep connections along with its human keeper.

The parrot is actually called after Alexander the Great, who transported numerous birds coming from Punjab to Mediterranean and also european regions. Alexandrine parakeets are a dimorphic bird types, meaning you can easily say to males apart coming from women. Alexandrine parakeets are incredibly active birds.